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Bermuda Grass Maintenance:

Color: Deep green

Texture: Lush and medium to fine.

Sun/Shade Tolerance: Prefers full sun to shade. It is drought-resistant.

Watering: Although drought resistant, a regular watering (at least weekly) to maintain the grass deep green color.

Mowing Height: Initial mowing required. After the risk of freezing passes, and the lawn greens, it can be mowed weekly. Keep the mowing height to 1-2 inches.

Tiff Sport Bermuda Grass

TIFF Sport is a type of hybrid Bermuda grass bred to be tough while maintaining a rich look. It is cold resistant and tolerates herbicides as well as close mowing. Additionally, it does not attract moles or crickets. Since it is lush and regenerates quickly, turf managers prefer this grass for athletic purposes.

Celebration Bermuda

Tiff Celebration Bermuda grass has a beautiful deep blue-green color and loves hot and humid climates. It is a strong grass and does not require much mowing maintenance. Unlike many other grasses designed for sports applications, Celebration tolerates the shade well. Additionally, it is resistant to drought and will adapt to various environments.


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